Paddle Board Surfing

SUP Surfing

Stand Up Paddle Board Surfing or “Sups” for short, is fast becoming a global sport that in some areas is shouting as the new global surfing phenomenon. Stand up paddle board surfing became quite popular but, it seems only in Hawaii, as the rest of the world was not overly impressed, and as the ’60’s moved to the ’70’s the “Sups” were all but pushed aside by the “short board” era. As a group of Australians were ripping the tour by winning surfing titles galore, and in Hawaii’s own back yard, the idea did not sit well with the Hawaiians.

Stand Up Paddle Board Surfing – originated in Polynesia, but the Hawaiians took it on as their own and developed it in the ’60’s. They started paddle board surfing to instruct large groups of learners and the higher stance on the board gave them a better viewpoint, to sight the pending swells “outside”.

Paddle board surfing uses a single paddle with a long handle to propel the rider forward, and not much has changed today. However, paddle board surfing has again increased in popularity and has been suggested by athletes as a total work out machine that you can do standing up. In effect, paddle board surfing gives you a strong “core’ work out. You can do it on still water anywhere, or as a supplement to surfing.

Stand Up Paddle Boards can be best described as over sized surfboards that are fairly fat, but thicker or fatter than some, to offer good flotation. “Sup’s” can be “Custom Made” at a hefty price, but most are basic model shop boards, to keep the cost down, and most board makers and surf shops keep a standard or high performance model on hand in the showroom. These models are between, generally 9’6″ up to 12’6″ in some cases for the larger user, with the smallest size being most popular as a performance model. They also feature padded deck grip with concave or double concave bottoms, with three fins for turn and directional stability. “Sup’s” can be used pretty well anywhere, e.g. on lakes and rivers, or for the total work-out, in your local surf line-up.

This once forgotten surfing style, paddle board surfing, is experiencing a rejuvenating comeback in the world of water sports and surfing styles. When used in the surf for a complete fun work out, is set to explode in a global way by exploring a new way of surfing previously known to many avid water lovers. Rest assured paddle board surfing is here to stay in the surfing world.