Paddle Boarding – what’s it about?

Get into Paddle Boarding

The latest surfing wave to hit the beach – stand up paddle boards. This style of surfing is the latest craze and has recently seen huge success. Stand up paddle boarding is a great way to get exercise while having fun at the same time. Since this is something everyone who tries it will enjoy it’s a great choice for staying in shape and exercising. Paddle boarding is not terribly difficult, it just takes practice and determination to get good at it. With some paddle boarding lessons and lots of practice, anyone can learn to ride a stand up paddle board and enjoy the health benefits that come with it. Stand up paddle boarding allows one’s whole body gets a “core” work-out more so than though other surfing styles.

There is a big difference between stand up paddling and paddling while laying down on the board.  Stand up paddle boarding uses different muscle groups and a more complete exercise regiment is experienced. Beginners will be practicing to get better so they can take advantage of this technique, while experienced surfers that try it may never return to their old way of surfing. It recommended for everyone to practice and get comfortable with a stand up paddle boarding before entering the line-up, but this is sure to be a surfing style that will only grow in popularity in the coming years.

Stand up paddle boards have tract pads for better grip to stay on your feet, and standing up to paddle instead of sitting down provides the added benefit of getting a different workout while you surf. Stand up paddle boards are the next popular craze in surfing. However, making the quick switch from laying to standing as the wave arrives can be extremely challenging, especially for beginners. These boards make it easier to get into the wave and jumpstart your surfing experience by keeping you upright the whole time. You can transition in and out of waves faster, and the entire experience can be more enjoyable. Furthermore, you get to work your arms while you paddle upright.

A stand up paddle boarding workout is similar to the one your arms get from paddling a boat with oars. Stand up paddle boarding uses the same principle, so your arms and torso will be getting a great workout. You’ll be able to rest your arms while you surf, but get ready to start paddling once the wave is gone. It’s this unique combination of fun and exercise that makes paddle boarding so popular.

Stand up paddle boarding uses paddles that usually cost a couple hundred dollars new – look for a couple cheap used ones to have on hand. To get the right size paddle you would generally add 8 inches to your standing height. Getting the right size paddle is important so ask for help if you’re not sure. A paddle that is too short won’t help move you and one that is too long will slow you down.